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Bryan Pearce
Bryan has in excess of 17 years experience in real estate, specialising in residential and lifestyle properties throughout Mosgiel and Dunedin. He strives to maintain an excellence in all aspects of real estate being second to none. All clients are kept fully informed of all happenings with regard to their property. Testimonials: "We are very pleased with Bryan, the best we have ever dealt with." Seph & Verna Luyton "We appreciated your honesty and hospitality on closing the deal, which helped reaffirm that our decision was a positive one." Grant & Jan Johnstone "Bryan's confidence in achieving a price we though we may not get was unwavering, and this was born out by achieving one of the highest prices ever seen in Mosgiel at the time. We would strongly recommend Bryan to anyone who is serious about selling their property." Ron & Josie Johnston "When asked "if you were selling another property in the future, how would you select your consultant?" I said I would select Bryan Pearce." Cyril Yates "We were working to a strict time frame and needed a price that would allow our next move to be as smooth as possible. Bryan managed to achieve both of these objectives and the price was one that exceeded our expectations." Stephen and Ellanne Fraser IF YOU ARE WANTING GOOD, SOUND ADVICE, THEN CALL SOMEONE WHO HAS THE EXPERIENCE TO GIVE IT... NOW THAT'S GOOD ADVICE!