Ryan Teece - Ray White


Ryan Teece
Ryan Teece has never been one to rest on his laurels - it's not his style. He's a go-getter. A dream chaser. A game changer. Ryan is the person you want in your corner, especially when it comes to something as important as your biggest investment. As one of Ray White's dedicated salespersons, Ryan works tirelessly to make this process simple for you. He's been intrigued by property since a young age - admiring architecture, design and landscaping. So it makes sense that since 2010, he's leapt head-first into a career that combines his passion for everything real estate. After several years invested in a successful international sporting career, Ryan is now proud to have settled back in Auckland and recently purchased his first home, together with partner Matt.  With a background in marketing and design, Ryan has a clear-cut eye for detail and the ability to see how small changes to a property can maximise the appeal for prospective buyers. But wait, as they say - there's more. Ryan's carving out a niche as a dedicated buyer's agent. This comprehensive service means there's someone working to find you the perfect property, someone who knows what to look for, and what to be wary of. Ryan can help with the negotiating and paperwork - the aspects you want an extra pair of eyes on. Plus, he's got his finger on the pulse. He'll find you properties you didn't even know were for sale.  When asked to join one of the country's most successful real estate teams, and to work along-side Heather Walton - arguably one of the best in the business - Ryan didn't need to think on it for long. This is the perfect fit, and he's excited to be able to offer you a premium service, under a premium brand.