James Westaway – Professional Profile

Baby boomer James landed in Auckland in 1980 after working on farms in England, Canada and Australia. Since then he has experienced four property booms.

He entered the real estate industry after the 1987 crash serving his apprenticeship in the highly competitive eastern suburbs of Epsom and Remuera. He has lived in Hillcrest for the past twelve years and now focuses on the Glenfield and Hillcrest areas and Westlake schools zones, which include Forrest Hill.

James completed his first auction marketing campaign in 1988 and has remained an advocate of auctions ever since. He maintains that the key to auction success lies in managing the marketing process to maximise the numbers attending the auction. This includes actively encouraging other agencies to introduce buyers to your property.

Customer service and attention to detail are values James learned from two years working in Japan. The result is a higher standard of presentation for your home and marketing messages targeted towards buyers' priorities, giving your property an advantage over competing properties.

Regular communication with you during the marketing process ensures that you know how buyers are responding to your property. James provides written reports detailing buyer comments and their opinions of the market value of your property to guide you in your decision making.

James’ relaxed, informal style belies a focused and purposeful approach to getting results. Trained for seven years in the art of ‘counsellor’ selling with US based multinational Success Motivation Institute, James applies his acquired listening skills to uncover the emotional needs of the buyer, then presents your home in terms of those needs. The result is a buyer who is willing to pay a premium price for your property.

James likes to stay current on global economic developments as they can impact the New Zealand property market. You can read interesting and relevant property news by visiting his facebook page facebook.com/Jamespropertynews

If you would like to know the current market value of your property, or if you have any questions regarding property issues, feel free to contact James today.


Ian and Amanda Stone

"Hi James and Dave This is just to say thanks very much for the outstanding result you and your team achieved marketing our property at 77 Marlborough Avenue. We are now in a position to complete the purchase of our lifestyle property and are looking forward to our new life in the country. We appreciate that your marketing generated a lot of interest and that there was a great deal of work involved in communicating with buyers and getting them to attend the auction and bid competitively. As you know, we were a bit nervous about the auction process initially but we are now convinced this was the best way to maximise the price achieved and was well worth the extra outlay on marketing costs. We also appreciate the way in which the process was explained to us and the progress reports we received from you. We would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to achieve the maximum price for their property with the minimum stress. Regards and thanks Ian and Amanda Stone "