Leah Salvesen - Ray White

Half Moon Bay

Leah Salvesen
Backed up by numerous 10/10 testimonials, Leah's proven track record speaks for itself.  Leah understands the intrinsic nature and importance of thorough communication, the art of listening and giving on point, honest and timely information to her clients.  Her advertising background realises the vital significance of effective marketing to achieve the best possible results.  Known for her result-driven campaigns, she has created some outstanding sales results for her "Premier awarded"  office at Half Moon Bay. With a new landscape being paved for Real Estate, it’s important to have good, honest and truthful guidance. After lockdown, it has been pleasing to see the market hit the ground running, with some excellent sales results, proving there is still real confidence out there. With interest rates at an all-time low and finance pre-approvals being issued, buyers keen are  to seek out their new homes and those selling are taking advantage of the high demand-to-list ratio at present.  Her friendly tireless approach and enviable tenacity has earnt her much respect within the industry.  With an eye for detail and an idealogy for leaving no stone unturned, Leah gives 100% all the time.  She looks forward to sharing her professional excellence with you and creating a talior-made  result-driven campaign to get you over the line.