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Greg Collins
A bit about me  -  Greg has spent numerous years as a Manager in the logistics industry as well as owning a number of successful businesses. Bringing together his sales, marketing and operational knowledge to make things happen. Planning is key to any strategy and Greg is happy to sit down with you to detail the steps for you to achieve your property goals.  This Week  - What a busy week with lots of inquiry and several offers coming in but not at the level that will buy the properties. With what has happened over the last few months there is definitely a lack of confidence across the business community. Some businesses seem to have come out of this lockdown firing on all cylinders and others are slowly getting back to normal capacity and demand. With us, luckily it is pretty much gone back to business as usual. We are still getting some strong sales, but there is still a number of buyers testing the market or sitting back with a wait and see approach. I still believe the best time to buy property is NOW. Unless you are going to buy and sell in the next few years fluctuations in the Real Estate market will be dealt with over time and if you find a property that is in your budget and that is suitable to your needs then get on and buy the property. Sitting and waiting for the market to drop is a dangerous game. I have been hearing this for many years from commentators saying the market in Auckland will drop or realign. The decision to sell a property is either driven by a need to sell or a want to sell. If Vendors need to sell it is either to move to something else or due to financial pressure but either way, do you really think they will take a 10% loss on their sale unless they really have to? I don't think most would if they had a choice and there is plenty of assistance available for those in need at the moment. If they want to sell but don't really need to, then they definitely won't be selling 10% below perceived valuation. Also, remember the Banks that are commenting on this drop in property prices have no skin in the game as in they don't own residential property. They use statistics from average sale prices to demonstrate these so-called facts. At some stage, confidence will return and the economic commentators will again be telling us what they think is going to happen next. Are you going to wait for them to get the latest lot of statistics to tell you the market has changed again? It is constantly changing and adjusting so there will always be opportunities to buy well. So if you are waiting for the market to change, it just did.  Please do not hesitate to call me on 027 5473402 if you have any questions or need any help with your property hunt. I am only one call away.  My mission for clients My main aim when helping clients is to make your property transaction as easy, smooth and understandable as possible. Please call me to discuss your specific requirements and we can build a personal plan for you. If you would like to follow me I post regularly on Facebook and other Social Media.