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Stan Kalafatelis
Choosing the right agent and method of sale is key to releasing maximum value from the sale of your property because it creates the ability to effectively re-invest in your next move. While the services of a real estate agent mightn’t be needed until some time away, life however has taught me our needs gradually change as time passes and circumstances can change in little more than a moment’s notice. So, when the time comes to find that larger home for a growing family, downsize to a smaller and more practical one, look for an investment property or simply buy your first home it would be an absolute privilege to help. I’m proud to say I come from a working-class background, the son of Greek migrants who came to New Zealand for a better life in the early part of the twentieth century. Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Wellington, the work ethic I inherited from my parents combined with my experience in the advertising at Television New Zealand with twenty-five plus years in sales will provide confidence in working with me. Here are a few examples of 'unprompted' feedback from customers about my work: “I must say I am impressed Stan, with your clear, direct answer. I have been writing with a similar information request to some other agents including those managing properties that are to be auctioned shortly. None have yet given an answer, let alone a transparent answer. Congrats to you.”  “... a unique mix of a caring, highly professional real estate agent, with an outstanding ability to communicate well, understand a client’s needs.”  “I've appreciated your promptness and diligence.” “Once again Stan, we are so grateful for your chauffeuring and your contacts.”  "Very professional and very helpful ..."  “We owe you a big thanks.”  "… no pressure, great advice."  "… you have been very honest and helpful."  “… you were one of the most helpful and friendly agents we dealt with.”  “Given how supportive of me you have been in the search for the right place …”  “… we will use you because we trust you.”  " ... you are a straight-shooter with an ethical outlook."