John Blatchford - Ray White


John Blatchford
John has been a full time Real Estate Professional fro 25 years - it is his career. He has a practical knowledge of farming, lifestyle and investment possibilities. Being a professional marketing specialist, he recognises his obligation and responsibility to be frank and candid in his advice to his clients so that the ultimate goal of both parties is achieved.  Being an expert negotiator enables John to obtain the maximum return possible for his client. Those working with him always have confidence that the transaction "will close", which of course, is the fundamental aim of all.  John is able to co-ordinate all aspect relating to contract proceedings including inspections, verifications, contingency removals monitoring and loan progress of the purchaser and collection of all information germane to your contact.  John has a strong commitment to his profession and accordingly, he is well respected by his colleagues. Strong also on his commitment to his clients whom he undertakes to keep fully informed through out every transaction.  "Reputation you can rely on"