With a passion for Real Estate and great effort on understanding her clients' needs, wants, and motivations; Camila is always positive, trustworthy, and empathetic.

Consistently willing to go over and above to get the best deals and opportunities for her sellers and buyers.

Whether it is for first home-buyers, sellers or long term investors, Camila's biggest motivation is to make sure the process is as easy and stress free as possible for her clients. She also loves to help families and individuals to fulfil their expectations and accomplish what they aim for, by being efficient, professional, and transparent.

Camila is a great communicator and is also fluent in Spanish, as her background is Latin American. This Latin side of her makes her a friendly, approachable and happy person who always has a smile on her face.

She loves Auckland and its surroundings and believes it is a great place to live. Camila lived in Mount Albert for a long time and attended Mount Albert Grammar School. She is currently living in West Auckland and is very familiar with Auckland in general.

Camila comes from a Customer Service background where she learned to deal with challenging customers, solve problems quickly and assertively, and keep good relationships with people around her.

She will be happy to help you to find your next home or sell your property.