Ray White - New Plymouth Property Management

Ray White - New Plymouth Property Management

219 Devon Street East, New Plymouth



Jane and Carey Simonson are the epitome of that tested old saying - two heads are better than one. They’re an outstanding example of how that works even better if the minds are moulded by different but complementary life experiences.

Jane has been in sales and marketing since leaving school, the last decade in real estate, while Carey’s careers include survey draughting, construction, house building, and offshore surveying. And he’s more than a dab hand with a water blaster and a mower.

That last is important. To the amazed smiles of rivals, Carey will clean a dirty deck or trim a lawn for free if it helps a vendor make a sale, while Jane will get a fireplace going on a bleak day when she’s got someone coming to view a property and the owner can’t get home from work. Even cuts a bit of kindling if it’s needed.

Going the extra yard is an epithet that has applied to this couple in every way since they joined forces.