Buying and selling property could be a stressful process, but it doesn't have to be if you have a trustworthy agent along your side. Candice is passionate, dedicated and trustworthy, and she is always available to assist you in your property journey.  

Coming from sales and marketing background with more than 12 years sales experience, Candice has a special ability to connect with people and achieve premium results through her rich and diverse database. Been a home owner,and also a property investor in Auckland, Candice fully understands your needs and she is willing to provide her wide range knowledge about property market. 

Candice speak both English and Mandarin, with her strong communication skills and professional manner, she will make sure you receive the highest level of service . 


Fantastic Candice guide me through to buying one of my best property!!! Over the year, I have dealt with many real estate agents but never met someone quite like Candice. She's knowledgeable, passionate about helping me, always proactive and focusing on my benefit overall. As soon as I engaged her, briefed her about my requirements she was onto it. She searched propertied for me, gave me a brief analysis of the property pros & cons and helped me understand the local market and potential. With the final property, she guided me through to the multi-offer process and help me win the property of my choice. She is fantastic. I am highly recommending her to anyone who wishes to sell or looking to buy. My best wishes for her upcoming endeavours. - Raz Hossain

Candice is professional and very knowledgeable, a great communicator and efficient. She help us to achieve the great result other agency fail to achieve . The transaction is very smooth, I would highly recommend her. - Jason

Candice was very diligent and very easy to deal with. She was not pushy but always worked hard to find solutions to your problem. Providing honest and in-time feedback for open homes. Established good relationship with our tenants within a short time and helped us negotiating with him. Highly recommended. - Jasmine&Daniel

Thanks to a wechat group message showing a farm in Wellsford was on the market. And that is Candice I contacted with, the listing agent. Her quick response and open and honest characters gave me a very good impression. I declined that farm after site visiting but I decided Candice to be my agent to look for a good rural property as she is so aware of property performance like recent sales price, contour, soil, flooding zone, unitary plan, building details etc etc. She will provide you extra like your current property valuation, rent appraisal etc. She works hard and always presents a better one until I got the perfect property in Waitakere. She will be my agent in next decades. Thank you Candice. - Peng

Lovely to work with Candice was lovely to deal and work with and gives updates when and where possible. - Melissa