Awhina White - Ray White


Awhina White
Ko Mauao te Maunga Ko Tauranga te Moana Ko Ngaiterangi me Ngati Ranginui nga iwi Ko Whareroa te Marae Ko Taiaho Hori Ngatai te Tangata Āwhina’s ideal world would be where time was treated more preciously than money and we treated each other more preciously than time. As a match-maker of properties and people, she’s conscious of the stress  this event can cause whether it’s for the first, second or third time. Even those for whom property sales or purchases are mere business transactions her priorities are the same: people, time and money – in that order. She’ll ask questions that cut straight to the chase, listen to the answers, suggest a plan and then get on with it. When she’s not in real estate mode you can find her doting over the mokopuna, helping out on the farm (opening and closing gates is helpful!) or doing the books for the family Honey business. If you think along those lines and want someone who is hard-working, open and frank, give her a call.