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I feel in some ways that my whole career has been preparing me for real estate.

I started off running the family business for 15 years and then when it was sold I moved into Information Technology. I sold computers and software and worked for corporates like Sybase, Eagle Technology and Rational and ended up at Orion Health.

Orion sent me to the UK to start up their operation in Europe and so I spent 5 years leading that operation before coming home via a year in the USA.

These jobs all gave me skills in business sales, management and operational delivery. Although that sounds really dry I can tell you that the foundations of skills and business processes I learnt there are the underpinnings of the very successful real estate service that Lisa and I now give our clients.

Real Estate isn't just about selling houses; it’s about moving people on and getting them on to their next stage in life. Personal changes affect families and when circumstances change then their need for homes also shifts.

Lisa and I are both good at relationships - we find out what people want and we help them to get it. We always ask what makes our clients decide to sell - what is their motivation? This tells us what’s important for them. Some people want to get out at any cost - some will only do it if it works financially for them. We listen carefully because it affects how we interact with our client and the different aspects of buying or selling their house that we bring into plan in order to create a successful outcome. And at the end of the day, that's what every client and every real estate agent wants – a successful outcome.



"Very professional and honest and genuinely was pleased for me at the end result."

Giselle & David

"Very pleasant and considerate man. Very respectful. Not pushy."
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