Introducing Pam Bourne Licensee Agent AREINZ

It is my goal to create every opportunity for you to meet the market and to attract the right buyers to your property. I strive to always deliver a professional service, continually communicate and provide feedback and work towards achieving a successful outcome for all parties. 

I was drawn to the real estate industry because of my love for design, colour, people and desire to get outside on the land and not stuck behind a desk. I hoped to use my vast communications, contractual and business experience to help people with their real estate needs and 18 years later I’m still here and loving it. 

Before joining Ray White, I worked for Professionals and Barfoot’s where I was one of their top listers and salespeople, owned a property management and development company, prior to that came from the corporate sector. 

While I am extremely proud of my working career, the highlight of my life would have to be working with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. 

Auckland and Rodney are great areas. Nothing surpasses the beauty of the bush, beaches, village living and regional parks that surround us. 

It would be my pleasure to assist you with the sale of your property or project sell down. For expert local knowledge, property marketing advice and out of the box thinking, please call today.


Max Purdy

"We have known Pam professionally for five years since she sold 80 acres we owned in Matakana for us. Whereas some other agents had had the listing for a while Pam took it over and it was sold within four weeks. Now we have purchased another block through Pam and, again, we have been very impressed by her thorough professionalism. This is evident by her knowledge of the market, trends and especially local body bylaws/town planning. Pam is honest and has plenty of local knowledge and past sales. Pam is totally realistic and does not oversell nor over promise. In fact she is the best agent so far we have dealt with having owned and sold several properties over the past 23 years. We would thoroughly recommend Pam Bourne. Yours faithfully Max Purdy Managing Director Strategic Vision Ltd Written November 23rd, 2006"

Mike Smith

"Over an extended period of time I have dealt with almost every NZ real estate company. I have a good understanding of what makes a professional hard working agent as opposed to the normal "display and show sales persons" which make up at least 80 percent of the industry. The difficulty faced by the industry is the lack of sales people with a business background and experience in understanding how to benefit from the incentives being offered by the vendor. Firstly it should be noted that another agent was initially selected after an extensive interview process. Although the agent selected appeared to understand what we were offering they failed to capitalist on these advantages. We have previously dealt with Mrs Bourne on a project to secure limited listings at the time and Mrs Bourne was required to not only understand our special requirement but also locate and secure an option within our financial budget. This required considerable research and a lot of time and dedication. As a result of her experience and effort we secured the perfect professionalism, while recognising that we were working to demanding deadlines. After our disappointment with our first agent we were delighted to hear that Mrs Bourne had returned from Australia. We had no hesitation in contacting Mrs Bourne to take over the sale of our property. In such a difficult economic market expensive properties are the last to benefit from any up turn in the market. Mrs Bourne has put nothing in a the way of selling property. (I could not count the times I have been directed to an agent who held a sold agency and was not available. I have always refused to ring back on principle instead looking for another property.) Mrs Bourne has always been available, regardless of the day or time. She has carefully identified the special marketing touches required to encourage a sale such as paying for house flowers and providing wine and snacks. The hospitality she provided allowed her clients to capture the mood of the home and it's special unique location on the beach. I believe these special touches and the many inspections of the property finally won a contract. This has not been and easy sale and I am confident when I say that without Mrs Bourne no sale would have been made. (From any agent.) Even after the contract was signed and the deposit paid, Mrs Bourne continued to assist with the moving process. I understand that she has also continued to assist the purchasers with the sale of their property. I am also aware they received a basket of beach items to celebrate the purchase of the property. In summary, Mrs Bourne benefits from a experienced real estate business in her own right and a strong understanding of business while always acting in an honest reliable way. Dated: 26th June, 2012 from Mike Smith"
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