David Downie - Ray White


David Downie
Exceeding expectations is nothing new for high-flyer David Downie. From an illustrious career in aviation, which saw him awarded as New Zealand's youngest long haul flight attendant, and one of the youngest ever to manage a 777 aircraft - David has been making service paramount to his success for over 15 years. Keeping cool under pressure at 40,000 feet has prepared David exceptionally well for a curve ball or five. Relishing a challenge he attributes one of the main attractions to a career in real estate as the exciting and varied environment - fiercely negotiating with buyers one day to researching and preparing for clients the next. Working alongside Lisa Smyth evolved naturally for David. Lisa shares many years of successful sales in the real estate arena. When her clients are asked what best describes Lisa the first thing anyone says is fabulous negotiating skills and complete dedication. She prides herself on working to make the process from listing to selling as smooth and painless as possible while understanding that many people will only buy and sell a few times throughout their lives. Her eye to detail is simply exceptional leaving no stone unturned. She also brings a charismatic energy that allows both potential buyers and vendors to feel completely at ease and able to approach her in confidence. David and Lisa have had many great campaigns historically and are 100 percent committed to doing so going forward. Providing excellent results and open communication is at the very forefront of what David and Lisa provide to their clients. With a comprehensive skill set to extract the very best money that the marketplace is willing to pay for your property, and the extensive network and exceptional marketing opportunities that the Ray White Damerell Group has to offer - the sky is the limit for David and Lisa.