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Integrity and honesty, transparency and straight-forwardness are the essential personal strengths upon which Elaine relies not only in her professional but also in her personal life.

Elaine’s Degree in Psychotherapy helps her to understand people & their motivations, especially important when going through the process of selling or buying a home. This insight puts her in a position where she can discern the real obstacles for buyers, over & above those they admit to. Having this skill set also gives Elaine an edge when it comes to negotiating - this can be crucial in ensuring the sale gets over the line. Being a great listener means Elaine actually pays attention to what you say, turning the process into a collaboration with you to achieve a sale you will be happy with, thus minimising the stress.

I try to take the anxiety out of the sale process, so that my vendor can sit back and focus on their next move

Elaine’s other areas of expertise which can be of great assistance when selling your home are design & marketing. Having spent many successful years in these fields she can bring a fresh eye when it comes to assisting you in giving your property a competitive edge over other properties in the market. Elaine has a team of professional tradespeople she can call on to give your property the finishing touches which can make such a big difference in the eventual sale price.

I take seriously my role as the representative who sells your home, and as such I do my utmost to make the process easy on you

Elaine ensures she keeps across all the market factors which affect both her vendors and purchasers, such as current interest rate trends, new listings on the market each day and what is being said on tv, radio, in the press and on the internet by the pundits about the real estate market and the economy in general. This equips Elaine to better address all those market influences which can affect the sale of your property.

I consider it a great tribute that the majority of my business comes to me from referrals

Achieving a great sale price in the shortest time frame possible, whilst minimising the stress involved for you are the key benchmarks by which Elaine continually measures herself.