Scott and Chloe Wither - Ray White


Scott and Chloe Wither
Delivering outstanding results through clear, concise, and meaningful communication, Scott’s superbly honed negotiation skills are the cornerstone of his success. With fifteen years of experience working in the highly competitive not for profit sector, primarily in the aeromedical field, Scott is adept at turning challenges into opportunities. His raft of experience spans marketing, sales, sponsorship, fundraising and event management which has firmly established his ability to respond to evolving industries and customer needs. Scott’s tenacity ensures that KPI’s are consistently exceeded. With an innate understanding that success is built on customer service, it was a natural evolution and no surprise to those who know him that he embraced the real estate industry. Part of a fourth generation Herne Bay family, Scott knows more than most about this city. Proud to be a local, Scott lives in Freeman’s Bay with his partner and daughter.