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Di Fraser
Di Fraser is a recent addition to the Ray White family. She moved to Auckland nearly 3 1/2 years ago from Palmerston North where she had carved out a respected name in real estate. Di decided to use her experience and great networking skills to market and sell real estate here. She is now settled in and growing her business in the Auckland marketplace basing herself at the Ray White Remuera office. There’s something about kiwis born in Otago. They breed a resilient, hardy and tenacious bunch down there and Di Fraser is no exception. She grew up on a farm, went to school in Oamaru and started out her working life in Dunedin. As the very first female sales rep in the male-dominated world of freight forwarding, Di wasted no time in proving how effective she is at building relationships with her clients. From there, she moved in to radio advertising sales and spent the next 23 years in that incredibly competitive industry. Her migration to real estate in 2006 was a good move.  In her first year she was awarded Rookie of the Year and went on to sell many homes all over the Palmerston North region. She has an uncanny knack of never forgetting names and can recall years later the who, what, where and when of a home sale she was involved in. Di is a meticulous planner and takes great care of her clients and their needs. Her elegant approach and eye for colour and style has been useful on numerous occasions in the staging of a home she is marketing. She is also a great matchmaker. Quick to make a connection with her clients, she will often immediately know exactly which home to show people knowing with a gut instinct that she has found what they are looking for. Many of Di’s clients say that the thing they love most about her is that she always makes them feel special. They recognize that she is passionate about her role in the marketing and selling of their home and is doing what she loves. Married to Grant and sharing 4 grown up children with him, Di loves travelling the world and learning about other cultures. She has just hired a personal trainer and is keen to get herself ready for more fitness training – who knows – maybe a marathon is in the offing? For a real estate salesperson with a successful track record, a zest for life, a love of people and the experience to handle your smooth transition from one home to another, call Di Fraser and have a chat – she’d love to hear from you.