Elyas Salimi - Ray White


Elyas Salimi
Elyas possesses the rare combination of youth, wisdom and property-building expertise. He has a significant background in designing, renovating, and building – having been involved in the renovation of over 100 homes in the Auckland region. Time spent on building sites all over Auckland has given Elyas a huge depth of knowledge in all aspects of residential property development. On leaving school he worked for and helped manage the family firm before setting up a flourishing renovation business on his own - a top-ranking company he continues to run today along with his other business interests in property investment and renovation. Persian born, Elyas immigrated with his parents to New Zealand as a child and went on to study at AMES Academy in Auckland graduating with an IT Networking Diploma. As a member of the thriving team led by John Q, Elyas is keen to bring his entrepreneurial smarts, creative ideas and tech-savvy credentials to his role as a listing sales agent assisting buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase of a home. A speaker of Farsi and English, Elyas is a fitness enthusiast who is regularly up early hitting the gym or going for a run. Incredibly self-disciplined, he is high-energy, an original thinker and a strategist with a drive to succeed. He is enthusiastic about the opportunities that the Auckland real estate market offer and understands that superb customer service and solving people’s problems are what gets a deal over the finish line. Elyas is passionate about self-development, has a big vision for his future and is exceptionally close to his immediate and extended family.