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Steve Koerber
How's the Remuera market? Almost every day I'm asked "How's the market?"   The answer comes easily because I'm passionately immersed in Remuera, its people and its homes.   I list & sell approximately 1 in every 10 homes in Remuera.   In the year to July 2018 I sold 43 Remuera homes - my closest competitor in the suburb sold 18 homes.  A noticeable trend over the years has been a reduction in the number of homeowners who have been willing to let go of their homes.   Past sellers, and potential sellers, are increasingly conscious of the need to be absolutely certain the best price possible is extracted from the market. That's why Remuera home-sellers call me when they want to know how much their home is worth and how to best sell it.  Here's my Bio -  As much as Steve Koerber enjoys the buzz he gets from helping people get on with their lives, he is also acutely aware of his responsibility to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the Remuera property market. Home buyers, sellers and valuers have come to realise that Steve understands the Remuera market better than most. After retiring from the Navy in 1996 and moving to Remuera in 1998 Steve set a goal to establish himself as an expert in his area. More than 550 sales and a plethora of satisfied clients later, it is quite possible that Steve has achieved that goal. Perhaps the most important question however is "what can Steve do for you"?  The answer is abundantly clear. Should you choose to work with Steve, he is now in a position to add significant value to your next real estate transaction.