Sandeep immigrated to New Zealand September 2011 and started his new life in this beautiful country in sales and marketing. A proud and loving family man, Sandeep and his wife work and have two children of whom he is extremely proud. As parents they enjoy supporting their local community and love spending quality time with family. Family time is spent at the beach, taking the children to the local pools or simply enjoying in the local park.

Sandeep’s extensive experience and customer service approach have gained him an excellent reputation. He is passionate about his work and works exceptionally hard. His outgoing and enthusiastic nature compliment his outstanding work ethic. Sandeep is respected for his up-front friendly nature, excellent communication skills, high client service levels and professional negotiating ability.

Sandeep is a smart hardworking, reliable salesperson with a positive attitude. He is totally committed to his clients and has the highest level of professional and personal integrity. He firmly believes that if you are true to yourself and your clients, the results will follow. 

If you are thinking of buying or selling and you are looking for a salesperson who will go the extra mile to give you the best results in the shortest time frame - Sandeep is the perfect choice.


Tsz Yau

"Active efforts, positive attitude, good communication"


"Sandeep gave us a good feeling right from the start. Incredibly jovial, he was genuinely interested in our plans and future as a family. He did a great job during the stressful moment of lock down at level 3 and didn’t let us get worried and panic about the buying process. We needed to buy a property and move in fast, and we needed a contract quickly with favourable conditions regarding dates. Not only did he achieve this, but he did so well with timing. He threw everything at our first private inspections over the weekend and came out the other side with the contract we needed at the same day! It's been a pleasure and a weight off our shoulders having Sandeep."
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