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Chris Harvey has come into real estate following a distinguished career in aviation as an experienced commercial pilot working and living in all but one of the world’s continents.

During his 14-years flying, Chris has found himself under siege by mortar attacks in active war zones and has had bullets put holes in his aircraft.

Why is this relevant? Now selling houses, he thinks fast, makes crucial decisions under pressure, and knows how to leverage working as a team.

Full of energy, drive and enthusiasm, Chris has quickly climbed the ranks in real estate, successfully selling property in a competitive market and achieving the best result for his clients.

He is relentless in his pursuit to do things better, faster and more efficiently. Time is money, and he knows people are busy. Chris is also an exceptional communicator, using traditional media and online digital and social media channels to extend his reach and message to all markets and demographics.

​Every agent says they are honest and good at what they do. Chris says that this should be the absolute minimum anyone should expect from any professional. Forthright and upfront from the outset, Chris asks questions when they need to be asked. He says it is not just about selling the house – it is about your personalised and tailored journey.

Chris currently lives in Hauraki, a third-generation, true Takapuna local with a long family history in the area. He is professionally trained and will navigate you the right way, utilising statistics and data, facts and figures, honesty and integrity. Chris truly is a new generation of salespeople, so trust him as you would trust the Captain.