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Gaston Coma & Bronwyn Scott-Woods
Gaston Coma began selling real estate in West Auckland in 2010, by sheer hard work he has rapidly become one of West Auckland’s most well known and successful sales people. Gaston Coma has consistently maintained his status as one of the area top real estate agents and has received several awards for his achievements.  He has been awarded in the prestigious multi-million group as well as the elite $500,000 group. Gaston has been used as a case model in international and New Zealand real estate conferences. He is proud to be part of the real estate agency Ray White. He strongly believes that Ray White offers high quality real estate services and the best results.   The local community has enjoyed and seen him actively supporting the local residents. The Laingholm community has been Gaston's priority, sponsoring the Laingholm primary school and many other West Auckland community charities. Get to meet Gaston and his team "The ProAgent Team". Gaston Coma and his agents are located at 423 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland 0604. Learn more about Gaston Coma and his team at   BUSINESS PERFORMANCE AWARDS: 1/11/2013 280K performance award 1/02/2014 380K performance award 1/02/2014 280K performance award 1/02/2015 280K performance award 1/03/2015 280K performance award 1/06/2015 Length of service - 5 Years Award 1/03/2016 280K performance award 1/04/2016 380K performance award 1/04/2016 280K performance award 1/06/2016 380K performance award 1/06/2016 280K performance award 1/06/2016 500K performance award 1/06/2017 380K performance award 1/06/2017 280K performance award 1/06/2017 280K performance award