Tony Pitiroi - Ray White

Upper Hutt

Tony Pitiroi
Tony’s initial introduction to Real Estate was in the capacity of a sales and marketing coach which ultimately led to an invitation from management to join their team as a licensed agent.   His focus on delivering significant results for clients opened the door to his next appointment which was with Remax New Zealand where he earnt several awards and quickly became the number one agent in the Upper Hutt office and in 2013 achieved number nine status for individual sales associates for New Zealand.   In February 2017 Tony’s company joined forces with the Ray White group fortifying an already successful team with the latest technology, systems, and networks of a powerful worldwide brand to deliver some of the very best Real Estate service in the industry.   Tony is an agent that is committed to continuous self-improvement in order to deliver greater levels of service, and to achieve premium prices for his clients. Tony passionately believes that in order to build a successful long term business, it is imperative to “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you”. Whether its clients, buyers, or other agents, Tony approaches his business with the same philosophy – People matter most.