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Abbie Treloar and Wendy de Haan
The team at Real Estate Taupo believe that if you're going to do a job, do it well. That means we are dedicated to selling your home for its maximum current market value. This is achieved by applying a quartet of key tools: - ensuring ALL potential buyers know your property is for sale - excellent presentation of your home and property - employing the number one selling strategy by far - deadline sale -and then - engaging in experienced, skilful negotiation. Real Estate Taupo offers a more efficient commission of 2.95% + GST. Meaning you keep significantly more money in your back pocket, yet retain the full personal service that Wendy and Abbie are renowned for. When selling the median priced Taupo home, our fairer fee rate means you would keep $5,892 more than if you used a traditional/old agency 4% + GST commission. We also offer the opportunity for you to save even more commission when using the the 1.95% + GST Partnership Plan - a plan that has enjoyed an 100% success rate.