Renexus - South Auckland

Renexus - South Auckland

36 Brylee Drive, Conifer Grove, Takanini, 2112



Renexus is the 100% NZ owned and operated company based in South Auckland. We know our South Auckland market in and out. With its roots in the local community, Renexus is committed to providing outstanding services in the real estate market.

What do we do?

Renexus specializes in residential sales and property management. From managing your property to buying and selling it for you, we do it all. We strive to deliver excellent services to our customers.

Renexus’s cutting-edge technology is backed by a team of experienced and high-performing agents, along with fresh new faces on the real estate scene.

Leading the team is an ambitious business owner with deep roots in the Renexus brand and a wealth of real estate experience; his vision is to set a high standard for a productive and focused office.

Dynamic, professional, and edgy, our team is cutting edge marketers on the frontline of online marketing – a vital component of successful real estate that can’t be ignored in today’s internet-centred culture.

As excellent negotiators, our team members know how to use all the tools Renexus provides to guarantee the best results for clients. Our energetic atmosphere has produced some outstanding personal achievements for our top agents – a testament to our unwavering dedication to our practice.