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In the competitive world of Real Estate, individual personalities are most important to you as a client, or potential client. If you are considering me to market what is probably your biggest asset, or to find you a new home, you must have complete confidence in my professional abilities. At the same time, you must also believe we can work closely together as a team to achieve the only acceptable result of total success. As a backdrop, this personal profile will give you some idea of my background, and my results, which I believe speak for themselves.

The simple fact is that I have been immersed in Real Estate throughout my working life. After 20 plus years of experience in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Auckland I have developed a wealth of professional expertise and over 80 million dollars worth of sales.

Coupled with this is my dedication to providing a top plus level of service for my many clients. I thoroughly enjoy working for them, relating to their specific property situations and obtaining successful results – I still get the same “buzz” after all these years in the industry.

On the domestic front, my children (dare I used the word?) have grown up and flown the coop. This enables me to concentrate on my profession, and clients, but still leaving me time to enjoy the “Garden City”.