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Actively selling Real Estate for the past few years covering the Wellington Region.

I am very well known in the area and would love to work with you. I can also help you find a great agent anywhere nationwide.

Dan has lived most of his life in Wellington and has based himself in Whitby, Porirua since 1996.

Dan’s background in merchant banking, sponsorship & hospitality gives him a solid skill set that lends itself to succeeding in selling Real Estate for his clients. He takes pride in everything he does and enjoys helping his clients/customers on their journey to achieve their Real Estate goals.

Joining Tall Poppy in 2019 saw his career start to soar with many vendors following him to the new brand. Dan enjoys telling prospective clients and anyone that will listen how Tall Poppy can save them many thousands of dollars in fees and takes pride in the company brand and philosophy.

In 2020, Dan became a Tall Poppy Business Partner purchasing the Wellington City & Suburbs franchise, whilst managing the ongoing growth of his favoured patch of Porirua and Tawa. He is happy to chat with anyone regarding joining his Tall Poppy franchise whether the person is experienced or new to the industry.

Over the past 9 years Dan has won numerous awards for client sales & service culminating in him winning the 2021 Wellington Regional RatemyAgent Award for overall best client service all Agents, all Agencies with his previous business partner. He has also been placed in the top 100 (highest 8th in 2021) for the past 3 years since joining Tall Poppy.

His friendly demeanour, dry sense of humour and passion to assist his vendors has resulted in a reputation of being a knowledgeable, respected professional with an excellent record for achieving outstanding results for his Wellington Region clients.

Dan has a reputation of being a trusted straight shooter and is quite black & white when it comes to telling you how it actually is. His negotiation skills are second to none and the results are always driven by the vendors best end result in mind.

So if you are thinking of selling, call Dan in confidence to discuss your impending sale, you won’t go wrong. 021 782 532

Winner - RatemyAgent - 2021 Wellington Region Agent of the year (all brands/all agents)

Something I am very proud of and is a highlight of my career.