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Debi Pratt
ABOUT DEBI Debi has been in the Real Estate industry for 25 years. Having started at age 19, she has a comprehensive across-the-board knowledge and experience, that enables her to be a valuable asset to her clients in their decisions about property. After 20 years selling and having ownership of a top franchise in Christchurch, she moved to Auckland and has both sold property and joined the ranks of high level management as the North Island Manager for NZ Sotheby’s International Realty. Debi has now returned to her passion which is personally guiding her own clients through the selling process. She is loving being back in her home town of Christchurch which she and her daughter missed terribly. Debi has taken everything she has learned from her corporate experiences and, after some thorough investigation, has brought the Tall Poppy brand to Cantabrians to start saving them some serious money. Her initial scepticism about being able to deliver a high level of service and charge such a significantly lower amount in fees to clients was quickly assuaged when she delved into the workings of the Tall Poppy model. In a nutshell, she sees the savings coming from a genuine lack of overheads predominantly in the form of flash offices and unnecessary management roles. These savings go directly to our vendors and Debi is delighted to be a part of this transformation in the industry. “We are in a changing landscape in the Real Estate industry. Clients are aware, educated and discerning. They want to see value for their fees but still demand great service. A great salesperson will always be needed in these complex transactions and being able to bring the fresh, innovative, honest, Kiwi approach that is Tall Poppy to Canterbury is extremely exciting” You will love Debi’s sound and intelligent approach to property; combined with her happy, outgoing and fun personality, and you’ll love having a chat to her to see what Tall Poppy can offer you. Find out how smarter sells better, call her today for a FREE appraisal.