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I was born and bred in Otaki along with my two younger brothers, I completed my schooling years at Otaki College where I then started a career as a gasfitter for a company in Waikanae, After completing my apprentice I decided I had a passion for my job and have continued in this role for 10 years. I enjoy meeting new people and working within their homes to satisfy customers needs of needing warmer homes for them and their families.

Purchasing my own home 3 years ago and renovating it alongside my brother gave me a great insight to the potential of what some houses have. Late November 2018 my partner and I welcomed our first son into the world, having a young family has helped me make the decision to move into the real estate industry, meaning more flexible hours to help balance that work and family lifestyle.

I have a real passion for sports, having spent my younger years growing up within the Otaki Surf Club to now Patrolling the beach during the summer months. I have competed internationally for the NZ POLO team, gaining a lot of experience and building friendships throughout the world. I also play Golf for the Otaki golf club and enjoy playing squash to keep fit.

I believe my heavy involvement within my community has given me the opportunity to build great relationships with individuals and great business connections.

I am known to be a very loyal, honest and success driven person, this in which I pass through in my career.