Kristian Danholt - Tall Poppy

Real Estate

Kristian Danholt
Hi, I’m Kristian. I’ve recently moved to Real Estate after working as a frontline police officer for the past 14 years. I’m enjoying working alongside Debi Pratt, who brings a wealth of knowledge from her 25 years in the Real Estate industry, and love her integrity and commitment to clients which are values I share. I’ve lived in Canterbury all my life, and remember what it was like purchasing my first property back in 2003. I also remember the feeling of uncertainty I experienced the first time I sold a property and know the impact a good salesperson can make in guiding clients through the sales process. I really believe in the Tall Poppy model and look forward to providing great service to my clients, without the traditional hefty fee. I know I will gain a lot of satisfaction delivering amazing results for my clients. I’ve worked in a variety of industries over the years with a broad range of people, from the freezing works, to hospitality and as a police officer. I’m competitive by nature, having represented Canterbury in Softball, and don’t shy away from a hard day’s work. I am familiar with relating to a wide range of people and my police background has helped me develop a breadth of soft skills: tough negotiation, engaging people in dialogue, and getting to the heart of determining what people really want and what their motivations are. I look forward to sitting down over a coffee with you and discussing how we can turn better work stories into successful sales stories.