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Ricky Bartlett
One's first impressions of meeting Ricky are engaging and lasting. An intelligent individual with obvious strong principles, genuine core values, and a sincere honesty to ‘tell it the way it is’ No inflated egos, no hidden agendas, just a genuine understanding earned through many years of perseverance and hard work. Ricky brings to the real estate profession a wealth of previous life and work experience complemented with a very impressive sporting background as a player, administrator and successful charity fund raiser. A ‘Peoples Person’ in all respects. A natural talent for communicating and connecting with people of all ages, gender, and nationalities is seeing Ricky at his best. His opinions and wise counsel are always supported by, and delivered with well researched facts and seasoned knowledge, articulated with enthusiasm through a positive attitude and genuine caring personality. Ricky clearly understands and appreciates that an individual’s home is their most valuable asset and for Ricky it is always treated as an absolute privilege to be invited into and trusted with some ones very personal place of memories. Ricky is a loyal family person, married to Donna, and they have two wonderful children Sara and James as well as a Grandson, Tai Mana, Granddaughter, Amaia and Grandson Tukaha. Working in a very competitive profession that is often shrouded with a reputation and image of mediocrity Ricky brings to his business a deserved hard earned ‘point of difference’ and level of respect and trustworthiness that in his own sincere but very determined and effective way shines like a beacon and sets him apart from others. “People don’t care how much you know, until you can prove to them just how much you really care”