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Real Estate

Tammy Shanahan
Tammy is a true professional with a natural warmth of character and friendly disposition that quickly puts people at ease. With a hard-working attitude and a genuine passion for what she does, Tammy has received many accolades in both her Real Estate and Banking careers. She started Real Estate back in 2003 and comes to Tall Poppy with over $75 million sales already under her belt. Rest assured that when Tammy sits with you at your table, you’ll feel relaxed in her presence, but safe in the knowledge that she has the experience and skills you need. Achieving great results for her clients is something that Tammy loves. She feels joy in helping people fulfil their dreams and has been doing this for most of her working life – first in Banking (with over 16 years’ experience in financials), and later in Real Estate. Tammy has found both careers very rewarding. They also provide her with a real edge when it comes to understanding the full journey of buying and selling property – from the financial side right through to the final sale and purchase. If you are looking for a down to earth, relatable person with the experience and drive to get the results you want, then give Tammy a call. She’s excited to be with Tall Poppy and is looking forward to working for you. If you are thinking of selling, give Tammy a call for a confidential chat.