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I decided on a career in real estate following a long career with the NZ police. I was in the fortunate position of being able to research the various agencies and decide on which one I wanted to represent. My decision was made easy due to positive personal experiences buying and selling my own homes. I wanted to ensure I chose a progressive company thinking of ways to be industry leaders. I wanted a company that worked solely for the seller, were well priced and forward thinking. As you can see there was only one company - Tall Poppy.

I am originally from Scotland but did all of my schooling in Palmerston North and worked here for a large part of my police career, so there is not a lot I don’t know about this fine city. My children all attended local schools. We love Palmy and what it has to offer our family through schools, sports clubs and community.

I decided on Tall Poppy for a number of reasons. The flat fee and single agent being the two main attractions. Having bought and sold many houses myself I know the flat fee is money back in your pocket. I could have bought a new car or had a family holiday with the money Tall Poppy could save me. That is attractive.

Tall Poppy have attracted the top agents from many of the traditional real estate companies. Listening to what they have to say reinforces my decision to represent them.

When I sold my house, I had many different agents from the same company wanting to show buyers through, sometimes 5 days a week. At Tall Poppy I will be the sole salesperson responsible for selling your home and managing the process. It makes sense to me to have one agent knowing everything about your property and not 15 agents knowing very little and only interested in their buyer. I want to ensure I am saving you money, providing Tall Poppy’s cutting-edge service and being totally responsible and accountable to you, the seller.

Tall Poppy is the only company I could find who were not stuck in the ways of the 1980's. They are the future of real estate. My negotiation skills will become evident as I secure you the best possible sales price at an unbeatable flat fee. Have that overseas family holiday on me. Call me for accountability, affordability and responsibility.