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Our Telos Story isn’t one about creating a new industry. Rather, it’s a story where we wanted to thrive in an established industry and quite simply, ‘do it better’. It’s a story about passion, professionalism and commitment to people.

The name ‘Telos’ derives from the term meaning an end goal or purpose. It is this purposeful engagement with people that acts as the backbone of Telos and stems from the vision of founder and Managing Director, Caleb Paterson.

For Telos, it isn’t about being the biggest in the industry, it’s about being the best.

Telos Group is bespoke. Everything is tailored to clients’ needs and the team is relentless in achieving their clients’ goals.

The Telos Team recognise the sensitivities of the assets dealt with in their industry. A house is more than a place of shelter. It is a physical location that holds memories and means different things for different clients. It is these client narratives that inform goal setting, appropriate sales processes and drive home the importance of working together for a shared end goal - working together towards the telos.

The Telos Team are authentically invested in ensuring clients reach their goals.

You see for Telos Group, it’s really quite simple. We raise the bar, we execute deals and we keep clients for life. We understand that our story is one that stems from a passion for helping people achieve their goals. We’re proud to live out our story and have the opportunity to change how people may view the Real Estate Industry. Our stories theme is about ‘doing better, for others’.

A theme where every client matters.

We LOVE what we do

We get out of bed in the morning excited to make dreams happen.

We are passionate and truly care about helping our clients work towards their own telos. We thrive off the Telos atmosphere and genuinely love what we do.

We AIM High

We do not settle for mediocrity and constantly aim high. We instill this sense of ambition in our clients and believe in the importance of setting our sights on the best possible outcomes for all.

We WIN together

We recognise that winning is not celebrated in isolation and is the result of a

successful team. We win with our clients, and with our Telos Tribe.

We are a TRIBE

We value the supportive culture of Telos and are aware of our own importance in the Telos Tribe. Each one of us has a part to play and we are stronger together.

We OWN it

We own our actions, outcomes and thoughts. We have the self-awareness to

reflect on downfalls and the ability to also celebrate our successes.

We OWN them all.


We value being a proactive agency. We are in a constant state of review,

implementing research findings to enhance our skills, ensuring we deliver the highest level of service - and results - to our clients and Telos Tribe.