Sarah is a born salesperson who enjoys performing at the highest level and achieving the best sales results possible. She is genuinely interested in real estate and earns buyers’ trust by being knowledgeable and professional. Consequently, her buyers are more prepared to act, their offers are realistic, have few - if any - conditions, and seldom fall through.

Sarah is a member of several investor groups and helps investors build portfolios. She also has a vast database of private buyers looking for their next home. Transparency and Communication are important to Sarah when dealing with vendors and buyers alike. She also never underestimates the role tenants play during the marketing of a rental property and makes sure to create a good relationship with tenants.

Her German work ethic and decades of experience in marketing and content writing make her efficient and goal-oriented. At the same time, she enjoys working with vendors and buyers, and her kindness and empathy help her clients in this busy time of change.

Sarah has worked at different real estate agencies and has found her fit at The Property Market in 2020 where a more personal real estate service at a lower cost is possible. Without the immense overhead large companies have to carry, The Property Market is able to offer much lower and simpler commission fees and a truly unique service that rotates around the needs of the individual vendor.