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Damian Dellabarca

Real Estate Consultant

With a background in public service having served overseas in the New Zealand Army including multiple operational deployments overseas, and the New Zealand Police as a Detective, Damian Dellabarca brings value to the real estate transaction that you can’t find elsewhere. His expert negotiation skills and ability to understand the levers of potential purchasers of your home will set you in good hands when it comes to achieving your goals and the best possible price for selling your property.

Damian believes that an agent should bring two key elements to the table. These are the ability to market your property through understanding the correct marketing channels and truly understanding how to leverage the most appealing parts of your property, and the second is the ability to negotiate on your behalf to get the best outcome.

He values open and honest communication so that you can make informed decisions, and it is important to Damian that he will provide such a high level of service that you will become loyal advocates, spreading the word that Damian is the only real estate agent you would work with.

Damian Dellabarca is defined by service & expertise.

So the real question is, what are you waiting for?