Tommy's Property Management - Wellington

Tommy's Property Management - Wellington

209 Victoria Street Wellington



Tommy’s is pleased to introduce to you our exclusive Property Management service. Our team are industry experts and we have a wide range of resources to ensure that your investment performs to its maximum capability. Choosing a Property Manager is vital for the success of your investment portfolio. No matter if you are a seasoned investor or taking for your first steps into property investment, we have a service tailored specifically for you.

There is a strong impression when people think of Tommy’s. It’s a combination of things – market presence and sales record obviously, but it’s also the way in which the Tommy’s team support and respect one another. Integrity, teamwork, ethics – people associate our brand with how we work. We would also like to think it’s our dress code, manners and business-like approach. Tommy’s Property Management follows the same ethical approach as our real estate division in order to create a seamless experience for our clients. The feedback we receive tells us that people appreciate it.

Our Wellington Property Management service is different from the rest. We have brought the well-known professionalism and industry expertise from our real estate business which allows us to improve on key areas in the market that we have identified. Our team have a strong set of values and ethics which attracts quality properties and tenants alike.

We are committed to ‘service that exceeds your expectations’. Not only has it been our company’s mission for many years, it is a philosophy that has become the inspiration for growing our business. We aim to make every single client a genuine advocate of our service.