As the owner of the Tommy’s Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt business, Mark is the managing director and founded the business with his father John (now retired) in 2000. Since that time Tommy’s has been the fastest growing real estate firm in the Hutt Valley having grown from the smallest in 2000 to the second largest in 2009. Mark has demonstrated over this time his sales skills in becoming one of the top agents in the Valley in his own right earning a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. In addition to his own sales success Mark has also managed the growth of such a successful company with the fantastic support of his team. His background in engineering (having worked as a Toolmaker for 20years) is evident in his systematic approach to problem solving. Mark is always positive and he listens to the needs of his clients. He is able to provide sound market advice as to the most appropriate methods of marketing and is also a licensed auctioneer. Having completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2001, he has also attained his AREINZ. This means he is well qualified to assist his clients in a wide range of property matters.


Having lived in the Hutt Valley most of his life he is married to Michelle who also works in the business and together they have three children. Marks interests include property investment having owned residential rental property since 1992. When he is not out selling houses Mark will most likely be found under the bonnet of a car in his garage pottering with his other great love, cars, typically classic American cars or Hot rods of which he has a few. (Too many if you ask Michelle)

Marks other hobbies and interests include.

Sports such as rugby, even now playing Golden oldies rugby, water skiing, snow skiing and drag racing. Marks interests are now gravitating to his children’s sports as they are so much fitter and better at most of them than he is.

Mark welcomes any opportunity to discuss how he and Tommy’s can be of service to anyone buying or selling a property.