TOPPS - Christchurch

TOPPS - Christchurch

3/33 Mandeville Street, Christchurch 8011



Topps was originally Dunbar Topp being funded by the late Les Dunbar and Gavin Topp, and now with the current licensees—Gray Gong & Gavin Topp being together with over 60 years experiences in real estate industry. The top team serves the Christchurch city in addition to its huge client base across the Canterbury.

The Topp team is a blend of mature, active real estate professionals, well qualified in all aspects of selling, managing , marketing, and promoting a wide range of properties and land.

Characterized by an innovative spirit that changed the face of property marketing in Canterbury, Topps is now a formidable player in not only key residential markets, manages and maintains some of the most appealing properties in the city. In the past decade, Topps has pioneered both the Deadline and Nego Over selling process and colour display advertising both are now used extensively by many real estate agents.

The team of Topps is led by dynamic individuals with crystal clear vision and their passion for life feeds a commitment to running an exceptional organization. Topps is consistently providing support to numerous charities and being advisor to family trusts and local groups, and both Gray and Gavin are committed to keep doing their best to achieve the excellence.