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Jen & Debbie
The JD Group – the combination of two of Tremains most successful sales consultants. What does this mean for you? A first class experience for both Vendors and Purchasers. Most impressive is the combined experience of the two, totaling more than twenty-five years in the industry and their complementary yet distinctive approach to their business. Both Jen and Debbie have built their respective reputations by keeping client satisfaction at the forefront of their work and both placing great emphasis on listening to their clients. Their expansive professional circles and combined sales record of over $80 million in the past four years is testimony of this. Jen has an extensive background beyond Real Estate. Working in both Marketing and Design she has a critical eye for detail. This means that Jen can devise effective marketing strategies, whilst simultaneously offering excellent presentation and design advice to clients. Jen stands out with her enthusiasm and her ability to form strong client relations. She achieves this by keeping the lines of communication open, always maintaining a good sense of humour and giving clients the confidence to make informed decisions. She herself boasts strong ties to the Bay, as a local with a large network of family, friends and clients, she has a deep understanding of the region. Debbie’s knowledge of Real Estate is not confined to selling, as she has previously worked in Property Management. This has enriched her knowledge of the industry and given her an in-depth understanding of all areas of Real Estate. Beyond this, her professional experience has been orientated around small business ownership which has prepared her with patience and attentiveness that is necessary for the fast paced and demanding industry of Real Estate. Buying and Selling homes is not without its stresses. Debbie sets out to eliminate this by being proactive in her communication, ensuring all questions have been answered and clients feel fully informed throughout the entire process. Debbie believes in being direct in her approach and with this, she has built a reputation for being thorough and highly informative. The dynamic skill sets and experience of The JD Group will offer clients unparalleled guidance and excellence in all aspects of Real Estate.