Leon Dear - Tremains


Leon Dear
Leon’s abilities to build rapport with all walks of life and natural charisma coupled with strong marketing and negotiation expertise and 6 years’ experience in the real estate industry has been pinnacle for his success in the Napier real estate market. Having won Salesman of the Month for Tremains three times in 2016 shows the support from both sellers and buyers and Leon’s hard work and dedication to his clients. Leon is dynamic, knowledgeable, confident, passionate and is always striving to learn and evolve in this ever-changing landscape of the property market. Leon also enjoys the Hawke’s Bay lifestyle which offers many opportunities to spend quality time with his children, Finn and Sofia and his partner Victoria who has now started as Leon’s personal assistant. A booming personality with chameleon like characteristics he has the ability to sell any home of any price tag and sell it well. Whether your home is $200,000 or $2 Million – Leon can take your property and push it to its absolute limits dissecting what is required to get a premium price. Leon will give your property the best chance to reach its premium price with attention to detail, strong communication, tactic driven strategy to marketing, a top negotiation skill set and determination to get your property sold and this is what sets him apart from his competitors. You can check Leon out for yourself on his Facebook Page and Real Estate Page (Links below) https://www.facebook.com/leondeartremain/ http://www.realestate.co.nz/profile/agent/335377