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The Real Estate Industry is in an era where things are evolving rapidly. From the way properties are advertised, to the way agents interact with their clients and each other, right down to the very concept of an office. Just think about it. When did you last visit a Real Estate Office for the sole purpose of finding a property? These days almost all purchaser’s scour the web in search of their dream home. It’s also where they choose to take that all-important step of viewing the property in person.

So why should you cover the overheads of an office in the fees you pay?

Although new technology has opened the door to a whole new world of comfort and convenience, it has also created an entirely new area of expertise and understanding of modern sale techniques. This means a higher expectation in terms of the agent’s capability, their standard of marketing, the presentation of homes for sale and of course their ability to negotiate on behalf of the vendor.

So we say let bygones be bygones. Let’s bring technology and better service to the forefront of the industry, and at the same time let’s take that all important person to person connection to a new level. There may even be room for a better commission rate that’s a win for everyone.

The Trinity Network is the changing face of the Real Estate industry. We’ve taken the time to listen to what you want, and this is what we’ve come up with.

1. A Network of core services designed to streamline the process of buying and selling property. Everything from Real estate, to Property Management, Mortgages and Insurance are all connected under one umbrella – the Trinity Network.

2. A commission structure that saves you thousands of dollars, yet remains attractive enough to appeal to the top agents.

3. A focus on technology, innovation and creativity. We just wish we could share all we have in the pipeline for the next few years but it’ll have to wait for now. One thing we can say though; list your home with us and you may find the process entirely paperless. We think we might just be the first?

4. You can review our agents for the world to see. That means 100% transparency.

For a large corporation to adapt is like trying to change the direction of the titanic, it takes time. Sometimes it's simply better to build the boat from the ground up, it doesn't mean re-inventing the wheel but there are real opportunities to use better, more adaptable systems. That's where the Trinity Network comes in.

It’s time for a change.