Villa Property Management - Wellington

Villa Property Management - Wellington

2/69E Discovery Drive, Whitby, 5024



Owning rental properties can be financially rewarding as you watch your investment grow, but managing the relationships with the tenant and protecting your asset can be time consuming and stressful.

That’s where we come in. Villa Property Management has been in the rental and property management business in the local area since 1992. We are known for our professionalism and customer service.

Let us help you maximise your property potential.

Reasons to choose Villa Property Management:

• Our full time focus on property management Tawa to Pukerua Bay since 1992

• Our long-serving professional team members who live locally and work well together to look after your investment

• Our 100% money back guarantee of professional service

• Our proven depth of local market knowledge as well as Tenancy law and Tribunal procedures

• We are a member of “Leading Property Managers of New Zealand”