Yelsa Real Estate - Nelson Bays

Yelsa Real Estate - Nelson Bays

15 McGlashen Ave (Level 2) Richmond 7020



Yelsa Real Estate specializes in combining technology with industry skills to create a real estate experience for both consumers and agents like no other.

We understand the pressures of our fast-paced world and value time as one of our most precious assets. We’re committed to making connections that count and spending more time talking to people who are focused and ready to do business today.

How do we succeed at this where others have not?

Through our partner Yelsa Connect, we’ve harnessed the power of online connections. Yelsa Connect gives us unprecedented access to fully qualified, very active and extremely motivated buyers.

Yelsa Connect buyers are the most motivated buyers, that’s beyond dispute. Let’s face it. They’ve gone above and beyond other buyers to make sure that they don’t miss out on opportunities.

Their Yelsa Connect “Buying Profile”, a free online wanted listing, gives us confidence that we are dealing with the most committed buyers (and it also gives us their phone numbers, email address, finance status, the number of pets or any other specific requirements they have!) That’s how we ensure time is spent wisely and connections count.

Yelsa Real Estate, technology driven results, expertly managed with a human touch.