An estimated rental range for an individual home.

Calculated from rental listings and’s property dataset, it is a starting point in determining a home’s rental value and is not a formal rental assessment. The RentEstimate is calculated monthly.

What is the RentEstimate?

The RentEstimate range shows the high and low estimates of what a property could rent for. The RentEstimate is a computer generated estimate based upon public data and rental listings of similar properties.

This is a starting point in determining the weekly rent for a specific property. We encourage potential renters and landlords to supplement this information by doing additional research such as:

  • Talking to a local Real Estate Agent or Property Manager for more detailed information
  • Comparing the rental to other nearby rentals on
  • Visiting the potential rental (whenever possible)

For some properties, the RentEstimate is not yet available. This occurs if there is insufficient data available to generate an accurate estimate. This is more likely to be properties at the top end of the market (where few rentals exist) or in smaller towns.