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The Plowman Edge

My 30 year career in business dealing with people, offers my vendors and buyers some significant advantages.

I built three businesses from scratch into success stories. My successes were achieved by having a highly focussed and well researched approach, using smart flexible strategies, and, of course, a great deal of energy. At the top of my list was a commitment to my customers. I was obsessed with achieving great customer focussed outcomes.

All of these businesses worked through significant changes in the marketplace, learning to adapt to changing and often more challenging conditions - much like we have in real estate today. The market is not the hot air balloon market of recent times.

Presenting your property in lights in front of the biggest audience possible, I would be aiming to attract buyers to compete with one another for your home. Smart marketing is therefore very important and that is an area of expertise in which I have had a great deal of success.

My additional secret weapon is rare in real estate. I have a database of around 5,000 people in central Auckland. Unlike most salespeople, I work with buyers as well as vendors, so I always have people in my database looking for properties. One of those people could be your buyer.

Let me get to work for you. I enjoy surprising people!