Michael Huang started his career as an electrical engineer in China before moving to New Zealand in 1991 to further his education. Since acquiring a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland, he has spent 17 years working in various sales and marketing roles.

Michael’s strength in sales was highlighted while working for AXA insurance. As well as being a consistent top performer, in one week he achieved 13 sales in financial investment products and insurance resulting in the “Best Ever Week for AXA Advisors Team 1998”. This experience has provided him with exceptional communication and negotiating skills, as well as the ability to offer specialist knowledge on investment aspects.

Michael is now able to use his sales and marketing skills to effectively advise clients on the best way to market their property. His results orientated approach and commitment to his clients ensures they receive the best possible outcome.

Michael is enthusiastically involved in community work and was elected Vice President of China New Zealand Science & Economic Promotion Association, New Zealand Fujianese Association. He is also President of Fuzhou University Alumni Association (NZ).

Having been a resident in East Auckland for 14 years, Michael has a good in-depth understanding of the local property market and the people who live in the area. He is also able to appreciate the high standard of schools in the area. As the Eastern area is a popular location for new immigrants, being able to speak fluent English, Mandarin and some Chinese local dialects plus having a wide range of contacts in Chinese communities will be a advantage and add value in marketing and selling your property.

The following comments are testimony to Michael’s commitment to excellence.