Irwin Zhao - Barfoot & Thompson


Irwin Zhao
Irwin was attracted to real estate for the opportunity to meet different people on an everyday basis and the chance to take on the challenge of tackling and solving problems for his clients. Having been self-employed in the imported goods field, Irwin is highly experienced in accounting, people skills and time management. He has an innate ability to analyse different situations to find the solution. As one of his clients says, "You always give me the best, simple answer." Not only does he provide valuable advice, but his results speak for themselves - in one property transaction, the sold sign went up only four hours after the purchaser first viewed the property! With a focus on investment properties, Irwin is able to give advice on a professional level, and also personal, as he has his own investment portfolio, and has taken on the challenge of the renovation process. Irwin aims to make the process of buying and selling a property as stress free for his clients as possible. He is aided by Barfoot & Thompson's strong management support structure and by the robust IT system which allows any one of the company's 1,000-strong sales team to access any Barfoot & Thompson listing throughout Auckland and Northland.