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Yugal Sachdeva

I never think of a house as just a property - to me it’s always a home. It is a culmination of your hopes, goals and countless memories. That’s why you need a qualified, trustworthy and dedicated real estate partner by your side.

With two decades’ worth of experience, an open mind and thorough professionalism, you can expect qualified professional advice and seamless service based on your needs and expectations. My sales and marketing specialised services have been trusted by clients from diverse domains such as real estate, financial services, technology, retail and education. My clients have benefited immensely from my result-oriented approach, transparent communication and adaptability. I am a keen learner and they have trusted me with managing over 150 million dollars’ worth of retirement funds and assets.

My past experience of driving online and offline marketing including digital channels, radio, print and website optimisation will be handy in real estate. Based on your needs, I can provide you with strategic marketing advice. My ability to adapt to any changes in the market will keep your plan on track to achieve your property goals.

A Karaka resident, I have my finger on the pulse of the local market. First-hand experience in building homes in the past few years has provided me with a genuine understanding of the decision-making process that home buyers go through.

As a tech enthusiast, community contributor and Rookie Runner, I believe: "If you work hard you can play hard."

Whether you are looking at buying or selling, give me a call for a free, no-obligation chat for all things real estate!

Dave Singh

Dave aims to create a customer service experience that exceeds all expectations - building a real estate business based on trust, enthusiasm, and the desire to always do the best for his customers.

With a good-natured personality, Dave genuinely desires to create stress-free transactions, engineering outstanding outcomes, and building a network of repeat clients.

Because buying and selling property can be an emotional roller coaster, Dave prides himself on taking the time to go the extra mile and helping all the parties feel completely comfortable with the process.