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With over 18 years in real estate, there's few who surpass my reputation and knowledge in the local property market. My empathy and kindness are some of my greatest assets and go well with my competitive nature and desire to do the right thing.

Majoring in marketing and operations management in my Commerce Degree from the University of Auckland, and with previous experience as the owner of a retail telecommunications business, I am able to bring both financial and marketing experience to my real estate career. I closely analyse market trends and keep a particular eye on the central Auckland area so that I can effectively advise my clients.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, I moved to Auckland in 1993 and have built a large network of contacts. I speak both Korean and English - a great asset when it comes to negotiating with and marketing to a diverse audience.

Over the past four years, I have nurtured my mind and body by attending a martial arts class. At the end of 2015, I was graded a black belt - a huge achievement which demonstrates my focus, commitment and determination, which I also apply to my work in real estate. I also love to watch my son play golf, and am proud of his ambition to become a professional golfer.

If you need someone with experience and passion, I am the perfect choice for you. You're guaranteed great service and great results, so give me a call today.